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Creo Parametric

Customizing the Ribbon Interface

You can customize the ribbon, Quick Access toolbar, and In Graphics toolbar in numerous ways to personalize it for your work style. • Add or remove icons from the Quick Access toolbar or In Graphics toolbar. – There is an individual toolbar for each mode. • Ribbon customizations: – Create …

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Understanding the Ribbon Interface

Most modes of Creo Parametric have been reorganized into a ribbon-style user interface. • Ribbon structure: – File menu. – Tasks organized into a series of tabs. – Tabs contain groups of commands. – Current features stack up in new tabs. • Command Search • ALT key shortcuts Figure 1 …

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Understanding the Web Browser

The Web browser is an embedded Creo Parametric window that enables you to perform context-sensitive tasks. • You can perform the following tasks: – Browse the file system. – Preview Creo Parametric models. – Open Creo Parametric models. – Browse and navigate Web pages. – Set the Working Directory. – …

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Understanding the Folder Browser

The Folder Browser is a pane in the Navigator that enables you to browse the folders on your computer and network. • The Folder Browser is divided into: – Common Folders – Folder Tree • The Folder Browser enables you to: – Browse folders. – View In Session objects. – …

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Understanding the Main Interface

The main interface includes the following areas: • Graphics window • Quick Access toolbar • Ribbon • Dashboard • Status bar • Message Log • Dialog boxes • In Graphics toolbar • Menu manager Figure 1 – The Main Interface Understanding the Main Interface There are many different areas of …

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