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Creating Turning Manufacturing Models

Creating manufacturing models is the first step in the manufacturing process.
Manufacturing models contain all manufacturing process information, such as:
• Operations
• Workcells
• NC sequences
• Reference models
• Workpiece models

Creating Turning Manufacturing Models 1
Figure 1 – Using Template
Manufacturing Models
Manufacturing Models
Manufacturing Models
• Manufacturing model assembly
file – “filename”.asm

Creating Turning Manufacturing Models 2
Figure 2 – Template Manufacturing Model Options
As manufacturing models are developed, they contain all manufacturing process information, such as operations, workcells, NC sequences, reference models, and workpiece models.
The manufacturing model assembly file is created when you create a manufacturing model. It has the filename format “filename”.asm.
• The manufacturing model assembly file contains all manufacturing process information, such as operation information and NC sequence information.
• This file also contains the assembly information for reference models, fixtures, and workpieces assembled into the manufacturing model.
Template Manufacturing Models
A template manufacturing model can be selected and copied during the creation process. Using template manufacturing models enables you to
standardize on the initial manufacturing model configuration. If a template model is not selected, then the initial manufacturing model is empty.
• By default, the template manufacturing model includes default datum planes and a default coordinate system.
• Template manufacturing models are configured with either metric or imperial units.
• User-defined template manufacturing models can also be configured and selected.
Best Practices
Create manufacturing models using a template manufacturing model. This ensures standardized models are used for the initial manufacturing model configuration

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