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Creating Translations

This task shows you how to translate a body. The Translate command applies to current bodies.

To perform this task, open the CATPart of your choice.

  1. Click Translation 6.1 in Transformation Features toolbar (Transformations sub-toolbar).
    A message appears asking you about the result you wish to obtain:

    • You can decide to keep the new specifications induced by the operation: in this case, just click Yes to go on using the command you have just selected.


    • You can decide not to keep the new specifications: in this case, click No to cancel the command you have just launched.

For Generative Sheetmetal Design workbench, Click Translation 6.1 in Transformations toolbar (Isometrics sub-toolbar).

  1. Click Yes.
    The Translate Definition dialog box appears.

    6.2 6.3
  2. Select a line to take its orientation as the translation direction or a plane to take its normal as the translation direction. For example, select zx plane.
    You can also specify the direction by means of X, Y, Z vector components by using the contextual menu in the Direction field.

  3. Specify the translation distance by entering a value or using the drag manipulator. For example, enter 100mm.
  4. Click OK to create the translated element.
    The element (identified as Translate.xxx) is added to the specification tree.


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