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Creating the Interior Walls

Because the interior walls of your cabin are not load bearing, they can be a little
thinner than the exterior walls. The standard thickness for your interior walls will
be 4″ (100 mm). Using the strategy developed at the beginning of this chapter, you
will create the cabin’s interior wall lines by offsetting the exterior wall lines:
1. Make sure the drawing I04-03-ExteriorWalls.dwg (M04-03-
ExteriorWalls.dwg) is open; if it’s not, click the Open button on
the Quick Access toolbar.
2. Start the OFFSET command.
3. At the Specify Offset distance or: prompt, type 7’8↵ (2350↵).
Leave no space between the foot sign (′) and the 8.

4. Click the inside line of the left exterior wall (see Figure 4.13).

Creating the Interior Walls 1
F igu re 4 . 1 3 : Selecting the wall line to offset
5. Click in a blank area to the right of the selected line. The line is offset
7′-8″ (2250 mm) to the right.
6. Press ↵ twice, or press the spacebar twice.
The OFFSET command is terminated and then restarted, and you
can reset the offset distance.
7. Type 4↵ (100↵) to reset the offset distance to 4″ (100 mm).
8. Click the new line that was just offset, and then click in a blank area
to the right of that line. You have created a vertical interior wall (see
Figure 4.14).

Creating the Interior Walls 2
F igu re 4 . 1 4 : The first interior wall
9. Press ↵ twice to stop and restart the OFFSET command.
10. Type 6.5’↵ (1980↵) to set the distance for offsetting the next wall.

11. Pick a point on the inside lower-left exterior wall line (see
Figure 4.15).

Creating the Interior Walls 3
F igu re 4 . 1 5 : Selecting another wall line to offset
12. Click in a blank area above the selected line. The inside exterior wall
line is offset to make a new interior wall line.
13. Press the spacebar twice to stop and restart the OFFSET command.
14. Type 4↵ (100↵). Click the new line, and click again above it. A second
wall line is made, and you now have two interior walls.
15. Press the spacebar to end the OFFSET command.
16. Save your drawing as I04-04-InteriorWalls.dwg
These interior wall lines form the boundary of the bathroom. You need to
clean up their intersections with each other and with the exterior walls. If you
take the time to do this properly, it will be easier to make changes in the future.
Refer to Figure 4.2 earlier in this chapter to see where we’re headed

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