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Creating the Exterior Wall Lines

Next you will use the OFFSET command to create all the interior lines for the
exterior walls at one time:
1. If I04-02-CreatePolylines.dwg (M04-02-CreatePolylines.dwg) is
not already open, click the Open button on the Quick Access toolbar.

2. Start the OFFSET command by clicking the Offset button on the
Modify panel. Command-line users can type O↵ to start the OFFSET
3. At the Specify offset distance or: prompt, type 6↵ (150↵).

4. At the Select object to offset or: prompt, select the polyline.
5. Click in a blank area inside the cabin’s perimeter. All segments of the
polyline are offset 6″ (150 mm) to the inside (see Figure 4.10).

Creating the Exterior Wall Lines 1
F igu re 4 . 1 0 : All line segments are now offset 6″ (150 mm) to the inside.
6. The OFFSET command is still running; press ↵ to terminate it.
As you can see, there is no need to fillet the corners, and using
polylines can reduce the number of steps and picks required to draw
the inside lines. We’ll diverge from the cabin exercise briefly to examine
the capabilities of the FILLET command when used in conjunction
with polylines.

7. Start the FILLET command by clicking the Fillet button in the Modify
panel on the Home tab.
8. Click Radius, or type R, at the command line to select the Radius
option; then set the radius to 12″ (3600 mm).
9. Select any two polyline segments that share a corner of the inner box.
The two segments are shortened, and a curved segment with a 12″
radius is inserted. The polyline now has nine contiguous segments
(see Figure 4.11). The FILLET command automatically ends after
each fillet.

Creating the Exterior Wall Lines 2
F igu re 4 . 1 1 : The first corner is filleted.
10. Press ↵ or the spacebar to restart the FILLET command.
11. Type P↵, or select Polyline at the command line to instruct AutoCAD
that the fillet is to be performed on all intersections of a polyline.
12. At the Select 2D polyline: prompt, select the inner box. All corners
are now filleted (see Figure 4.12).

Creating the Exterior Wall Lines 3
F igu re 4 . 1 2 : The polyline’s corners are filleted.
You can see how the FILLET command, when used with a polyline,
can save time.
13. You don’t want the objects to remain as polylines for this project, so
click the Undo icon on the Quick Access toolbar, or type U↵, until all
of the filleted edges are square again.

14. Click the Explode icon on the Home tab ➢ Modify panel, or type X↵
to start the EXPLODE command

15. Select both of the polylines and then press the ↵ key. The two polylines
are now 16 separate line objects.
You will be using the OFFSET command to create the interior walls
from the lines that make up the exterior walls. Exploding the polylines
into individual line objects allows you to offset single, straight
objects rather than the closed polylines that would require trimming
to clean up.
16. Save your drawing as I04-03-ExteriorWalls.dwg (M04-03-
ExteriorWalls.dwg) by choosing Application menu ➢ Save As ➢
AutoCAD Drawing

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