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Creating the 7′-0″ (2134 mm) Opening

Take another look at Figure 4.28, and notice that the opening on the right side
of the cabin has one jamb set in 4′-6″ (1372 mm) from the outside corner. This
opening is for the sliding glass door.
You’ve done this procedure before, so here’s a quick summary of the steps:
1. Make sure I04-08-3ftExterior.dwg (M04-08-915mmExterior.dwg)
is open.
2. Offset the lower exterior wall line 4′-6″ (1372 mm).
3. Offset the new line 7′-0″ (2134 mm).
4. Use the Trim Fence option to clean up the 3′-0″ opening to complete
the opening. Your cabin should look like Figure 4.32.

Creating the 7′-0″ (2134 mm) Opening
F igu re 4 . 3 2 : The cabin with the 7′-0″ (2134 mm) sliding door opening
5. Save your drawing as I04-09-7ftExterior.dwg (M04-09-

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