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Creating Sketches

To create a Sketch Feature, specify the Sketch Setup, select additional sketch references, and sketch the geometry.
• You can modify the Sketch Setup.
• You can use references to snap geometry or dimensions.
• You can create 3-D geometry by using the Sketch feature.
• Sketched features have various requirements.


Creating Sketches  2
Figure 2 — Modifying Sketch Setup
Creating Sketches (‘Sketch’ Feature)

Creating Sketches  1
Figure 1 — Specifying Sketch Setup

Creating Sketches  3
Figure 3 — Sketch Geometry
Snapped to Added References
You can create a sketch feature by clicking Sketch from the Datum group in the Model ribbon tab. Creating a sketch feature involves the following three steps:
• Specify the sketch setup. Once the sketch setup has been defined, you can always change it to another plane.
• Select additional sketch references that you intend to dimension from or snap to with sketch geometry. For example, in Figure 3, some of the
existing geometry was specified as sketch references for a new Sketch feature.
• Sketch the geometry.
Sketch Feature Requirements
The following rules apply to sketched sections when creating sketch features:
• A sketched section should not contain any gaps, or open ends.
• A sketch cannot contain any overlapping entities.
• An open section sketch is required for creating a rib feature.
• All loops of a multiple loop section must be closed.
• When creating a revolve feature, you must only sketch geometry on one side of the centerline.

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