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Creating Sketched Milling Tools

Trajectory milling sequences enable you to sketch a tool. This enables you to create a user-defined tool cross-section and specify a non-standard control point for the tool.
Sketched Tools
• Create a sketch during tool configuration.
• Tool Features
– Sketch as revolved solid.
– Half tool cross-section.
– Right side of axis of symmetry.
– Sketch must be closed.
– Tool control point:
♦ Sketcher coordinate system.
Tool Offset – Tool control point offset from trajectory
• Specify during tool configuration.
• Left, right, or none.
• Offset half cutter diameter.
• Tool center or tool edge cutter compensation.
Sketched Tools

Creating Sketched Milling Tools 1
Figure 1 – Sketched Tool

Creating Sketched Milling Tools 2
Figure 2 – Tool Offset
• You create sketched tools by configuring a sketch within the Tool Setup dialog box.
• The following features describe sketched tools.
– You sketch the tool as a revolved protrusion.
– The sketch represents half of the tool cross-section.
– The whole sketch must lie on one side of the axis of symmetry.
– The axis of symmetry must be vertical, with the sketch lying on the right.
– The sketch must be closed.
– You can specify a control point other than its tip by adding a Sketcher coordinate system to the tool sketch. For edited tools, and for sketched
tools with no control point specified, you use the tip of the tool.
Tool Offset
You can specify whether the tool control point is offset from the trajectory, depending on your requirements. The following features describe the tool offset.
• You can specify the offset during cut motion creation.
• The offset can be left/right or none.
• The offset is equal to half the cutter diameter.
• You can also change cutter compensation from tool center to tool edge when configuring the workcell.

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