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Creating Shapes Using Geometry Expert gibbscam

When creating a part using Geometry Expert, the first thing that must be decided is the starting feature and the direction to travel around the part—either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Features are defined in the order that they appear along the path of the shape. This process continues until the last feature of the shape intersect the first feature of the shape or end points are defined. If the shape is a closed shape the last feature row will be the Close Shape feature type.

Creating Features

When a row contains enough information to define the feature press the Enter key. The next row will be highlighted and the feature type may change or the Angle/Rad will switch based on the last row.

Feature Types

There are several feature types including lines, circles, fillets, chamfers, and post. Each feature is selected by changing the feature type button in the first cell of the row. For arcs, the selected feature type indicates the direction—either clockwise or counter-clockwise. For lines, the angle value also indicates the direction. For example, a horizontal line can either be defined with an angle value of 0° or 180°; both will draw the same line, but in opposite directions.

Fillets, Chamfers and tangent arcs will be draw when the features surrounding them are completely defined. These are called “floating features”. When the feature is created a reference number (Ref) such as L1 (line 1) or C4 (circle 4) is entered in the row. This is the actual geometry’s label (View > Labels).

In some cases, no information is required for the feature to be defined and the row will be yellow. This is because it is still possible to add information in subsequent rows that will fully define the feature. For example, a circle with a start point defined using a previous features end point and tangent to the following feature

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