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Creating Piping Systems Revit mep

New to Revit MEP 2012 is the concept of systemsthat exist separately from the fixtures and equipment that were previously required to define them. There is also an additional hierarchy level for defining systems (see Figure 11.1). You can see the Piping Systems required in all projects in the Project Browser:
Domestic piping systems (covered in other chapters): •u
Domestic Cold Water •u
Domestic Hot Water •u
Sanitary •u
Vent •u
Fire protection piping systems (covered in other chapters) •u
Fire Protection Dry •u
Fire Protection Other •u
Fire Protection Pre-Action •u
Fire Protection Wet •u
Other (potentially used in all piping disciplines) •u
Mechanical piping systems •u
Hydronic Return •u
Hydronic Supply •u
Each of these items is a System Classification. You can right-click any of these items and select Duplicate in order to create additional Piping Systems. The System Classification is hidden in that it is not listed above the Piping Systems in the Project Browser tree. Instead, any of the Piping Systems
can host the System Classification. This is why you must always have at least one Piping System for each System Classification in the project.
Each Piping System can be assigned its own project-wide Graphic Override. Combine this with the ability to assign a segment of pipe to any of these Piping Systems without attaching it to a fixture or equipment, and you can improve the documentation produced earlier in the design process, when equipment families have not been yet been built.

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