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Creating Layer States

Layer states can be used to toggle between different layer
Layer States Example:
• Create a Layer State in the view
• Hide/Unhide Layers
• Save updated Layer State

Creating Layer States 1
Figure 1 – View Manager

Creating Layer States 2
Figure 2 – Layer_State001

Creating Layer States 3

Figure 3 – Layer_State003
Creating Layer States
You create Layer States in the view manager to record the hide/unhide status
for all layers in a model. You can create an initial layer state upon opening a
model, and then create different states to quickly toggle between the layer
Remember, the action of hiding a feature or component actually places the
item on the Hidden Items layer. Therefore, you can use layer states with
hidden items without accessing the layer tree.
Layer states apply to any item that may be placed on a layer, such as:
• Features
• Components
• Drawing Views and Detail Items

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