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Creating Fire-Protection Systems Revit mep

Fire-protection systems in Revit MEP are a sort of hybrid between air systems and hydronic systems. Sprinklers, from a system standpoint, are similar to air terminals. Sprinklers are designed to distribute a fluid evenly over a given area, with pressure as the driving force of distribution.
In the case of fire protection, water is the fluid, and the fire pump or city connection provides the pressure.
The key to a good, manageable fire-protection system is the families. Decide what type of system you will be using, and make sure appropriate families are developed before you or other users start laying out components. Revit MEP does have the ability to load a family in the place of another, but that tends to cause issues with system connections, pipe connections, and hosting. Sprinklers, standpipes, hose cabinets, and fire pumps may have to be created for the systems to work properly.

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