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Creating Coaxial Holes

A coaxial hole is placed at the intersection of an axis and a surface.
• Placement references:
– Datum axis
– Surface or datum plane
• Offset references:
– None
Hole Creation Theory

Creating Coaxial Holes 1
Figure 1 – Selecting Placement References

Creating Coaxial Holes 2
Figure 2 – Coaxial Holes
When creating hole features on a model, you locate holes by selecting placement (primary) and offset (secondary) references. The first piece of
geometry selected to place the hole is the placement reference. Next, you either select additional placement references or offset references to further dimensionally constrain the hole feature. The type of geometry selected as the placement reference determines the type of hole being created.
Creating Coaxial Holes
To create a coaxial hole, you only select placement references. An axis is selected as the first placement reference. This axis identifies the location of the hole. A second placement reference, either a surface or datum plane, is then selected to specify the surface where the hole starts drilling into the model. In Figures 1 and 2, the datum axis and front surface comprise the placement references.
You can also view your selected references in the Placement tab of the dashboard.
Once the hole references are satisfied, the hole preview displays with a default diameter dimension and depth value. You can edit these values by using the drag handles or dashboard, or by editing the dimensions on the model.

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