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Creating and Using Drill Groups

You can configure groups of hole axes within drill groups. You can then select drill groups when creating holemaking sequences. This simplifies the hole selection process.
Drill Groups
• Simplify hole selection.
• Drill group updates.
Configuring Drill Groups
• Selecting holes:
– Axes
– Diameters
– Surfaces
– Parameters

Creating and Using Drill Groups 1
Figure 2 – Highlighted Selection
Drill Groups

Creating and Using Drill Groups 2
Figure 1 – Drilling Group Dialog
• You can configure groups of hole axes either before creating holemaking sequences or during the creation of holemaking sequences. Drill groups have the following features.
– Simplify hole selection – Once you configure a drill group, you can select it for any holemaking sequence by just selecting its name from a
name-list menu.
– Drill group updates – Modifying a drill group updates all NC sequences that reference the modified group.Configuring Drill Groups
• Selecting holes – You can select the holes for a drill group using any combination of the following methods.
– Axes – Specify holes by selecting individual hole axes.
– Diameters – Specify holes by selecting diameter value(s).
– Surfaces – Specify holes by selecting surfaces of the reference part or workpiece.
– Parameters – Select holes with a certain parameter value.

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