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Creating and Managing Explode States

Explode states enable you to easily save assembly and disassembly views.
• Position components into desired location.
– Select motion type
– Select Movement Reference
– Move component(s), with or without children.
• Toggle between exploded and unexploded states.
• Explode states can be used in drawings.

Creating and Managing Explode States 1
Figure 1 – Unexploded Assembly

Creating and Managing Explode States 2

Figure 2 – Exploded Assembly
Creating and Managing Explode States
You can use explode states to quickly reposition components in 3-D space and save these assembly or disassembly views by selecting the view
manager’s Explode tab. You can select explode states when placing a drawing view or use them to create assembly or disassembly procedures.
You can toggle an explode state on or off, and you can also create multiple explode states.
Specifying the Motion Type and Movement Reference
Before you can explode components from an assembly, you must specify the Motion type and Movement Reference.
• Motion type – Specify the type of motion for a selected component. Motion types include:
– Translate Component
This is the default motion type.
– Rotate Component
– Linearly moves the selected component.
– Rotates the selected component about a specified Movement Reference.
– Copy Position – Copies the exploded position from the selected component to other components. This option is available in the Options
tab of the dashboard.

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