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Creating a Molding

You can create the molding by filling the mold cavity through the sprue, runners, and gates.
• Molding parts:
– Contain a Molding feature.
– Are fully-functional parts.
– Maintain a parent/child relationship with mold model components and features.
• There can be only one molding part in the model.

Creating a Molding 2
Figure 1 – Mold Model

Creating a Molding 1
Figure 2 – Another Molding Part

Creating a Molding 3

Figure 3 – Molding Part
Creating a Molding
When a mold is filled, molten plastic is injected into the sprue, and it then travels through the runners and gates to fill the mold cavity. The solidified result is known as the molding. There can be only one molding part in the model at a time.
Creo Parametric enables you to simulate the filling of the mold cavity and generate the molding. In addition to the mold cavity, the sprues, runners, and gates are also filled to generate the final molding. The molding part is created by using the following molding formula:
• Molding = sum of all current workpiece geometry – assembly level cuts that intersect the workpiece (waterlines, for example) – all extracted parts (sliders and cores, for example) – ejector pin clearance holes The molding part is created in the mold model, and it contains a single
Molding feature that contains the solid geometry. The molding feature cannot be redefined, but the part is a fully functional part. You can retrieve it in Part mode and perform various operations on the molding part such as removing excess material using Pro/NC, calculating mass properties, and also generating a mesh for flow analysis. To save the molding part, you must save the mold model before erasing it from memory or exiting your current Creo Parametric session.
The molding part maintains a parent/child relationship with the mold components and assembly level features. Therefore, the molding
automatically updates when changes are made to the mold components or assembly level features. For example, if the sprue diameter is increased, the molding part automatically updates to reflect the larger diameter.

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