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Creating a Kinematics Model siemens NX

The kinematics model describes the movement of a machine tool. In ISV, the kinematics model:

  • Groups together assembly components from the geometric model to form significant kinematics components.

  • Defines dependencies between kinematics components. It defines parent-child relationship between components such that when a parent component moves, its dependent children also move.

  • Defines NC axes with their permissible linear or angular motion (i.e., degree of freedom).

  • Defines junctions to prepare automatic tool or device mounting during the CAM session or during simulation.

This model is saved with the NX part file (.prt). Only one kinematics model per part file is allowed. When you define a kinematics model, you can only designate one component as a base component – the component upon which all other components are built.

You can easily use ISV’s Machine Tool Builder to build a machine model and modify it within Manufacturing using the Setup Configurator. Using the Machine Tool Builder you can create kinematics components (Machine Components). For these components, you can create axes to define motion.

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