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Create work axis (legacy method)

Prior to the introduction of Direct Manipulation modeling techniques in Inventor R2011, the Axis command was the only method available to create work axes. This legacy method was, and still can be, used with one of the methods described below:

NOTE:You can resize a work axis by clicking a grip handle and dragging to the appropriate length. Auto-Resize must be turned off. If necessary, right-click the work axis and clear the check mark from Auto-Resize.


  1. On the ribbon, click 3D Model tab  Work Features panel  Axis .
  2. Use one of the following methods:
    • Select a linear edge, sketch line, or 3D sketch line to create a work axis along the selected geometry.
    • Select a revolved feature to create a work axis along its axis of revolution.
    • Select two valid points to create a work axis through them.
    • Select a work point and a plane (or face) to create a work axis normal to the plane (or face) and through the point.
    • Select any two nonparallel planes to create a work axis at their intersection.
    • Select a line and plane to create a work axis coincident with a line endpoint projected onto the plane along the normal of the plane.
  3. If more than one solution is possible, a selection box appears. Click the forward or reverse arrows in the selection box, and then click the check mark when the correct solution is previewed.Midpoints are not selectable in an assembly.

    Although still valid, the Axis command has been enhanced in Inventor R2011 to now present the Inventor user with a convenient drop-down menu listing each of the possible combinations available for work axis creation.

    Each of these new options is described on the Quick Reference tab of this Help topic.

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    TIP:To understand geometric dependencies, right-click a work feature in the browser or the graphics window, and then select Show Inputs. For example, you can right-click a work point to highlight the geometry from which it was created, such as a work axis and a work plane.

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