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Create, change, and rotate grounded work points

To move a grounded work point relative to a different location, use the Move Triad Only option of the 3D Move or Rotate command. On the ribbon, use 3D Model tab  Work Features panel  Grounded Point to create a work point, then follow this sequence:

  1. Right-click the grounded work point and select 3D Move/Rotate to edit the grounded work point.
  2. Click the arrowhead of the X axis, for example, to open the dialog box.
  3. Right-click, select Move Triad Only, and then drag the triad to a new location.
  4. Right-click and select Apply. The work point and the triad are separated.
  5. Right-click and clear the check mark on Move Triad Only so that you can move or rotate the work point and triad together.
  6. Click the shaft of the Y or Z axis, for example, and drag around the selected axis. Both the triad and the work point rotate together.
  7. Right-click and select Apply.

If appropriate, you can use commands on the 3D Move/Rotate dialog box instead of context menu options.

 Show Me how to create a grounded work point

NOTE:You can ground an associative (parametric) work point, and then unground it if the point is not moved. If you move the point using the triad, you cannot change it back to an associative work point.

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