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Create and Reattach Sketch siemens NX

Use the Sketch command when you need to define the sketch plane, orientation, or origin, in a manner not available using the inferred plane method.

The commands to create and reattach a sketch use the same dialog box and options. These Help topics will discuss both commands.

Use the Sketch sketch command to create sketches on the following:

  • On Path

  • On Plane using the following methods:

    • Inferred Plane

    • Existing Plane

    • Create Plane

    • Create Datum CSYS

Use the Reattach ico_t_reattach command to:

  • Move a sketch to a different plane, face, or path.

  • Switch a Sketch in Place to a Sketch on Path and vice versa.

  • Change the location of a sketch on path along the path to which it is attached.

Where do I find it?

Create a sketch


(Modeling) Direct SketchSketch sketch

(NX Sheet Metal and Shape Studio) InsertSketch in Task Environment sketch



Reattach a sketch


(Modeling) Direct SketchReattach ico_t_reattach

(Sketch task environment) Sketch ToolsReattach


(Modeling and Sketch task environment) ToolsReattach

Incoming search terms:

  • how to adjust origin in sketch NX

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