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Create 3D line autodesk inventor


Use the Line command to create 3D sketch segments. Line segments can be joined with 2D sketch geometry copied to the 3D sketch with the Include Geometry command.

Create a 3D line with or without bends.

After sketching lines, add dimensions and constraints as required to stabilize the line size and shape.

In an assembly, create a separate part file to contain the 3D sketch, adaptive work features used to position the path sketch, and the resulting 3D sweep feature. Use the Include Geometry command to copy model edges and 2D lines and arcs from other parts. Included geometry is converted to 3D sketch geometry.

  1. On the ribbon, click 3D Model tab  Sketch panel  Create 3D Sketch .
  2. On the ribbon, click 3D Sketch tab  Create Panel  Line .
  3. Right-click to set the Auto-Bend option. If selected, 3D arcs are automatically placed at corners.Clear the Auto-Bend check mark to disable automatic bends. The context menu changes the Auto-bend setting in Application Options.
  4. To create the shape, click points as you sketch, or select work points, vertices, and 3D sketch points in the active 3D sketch.If necessary, use the Include Geometry command to copy geometry to the sketch.
  5. To restrict selections to a plane, right-click and select Align to Plane then select the plane. To return to the standard selection mode, right-click and select Align to Plane again.
  6. To create a break in a 3D line, click to end the current line. Right-click, select Restart, and then click a valid point to begin another line.
  7. Continue to select work points and vertices as required, right-click, and then select Done.

TIP:While sketching, the 3D coordinate triad shows the X, Y, and Z planes. The red arrow indicates X, the green arrow is Y, and the blue arrow is Z. Click a plane to change to that plane to place the next sketch point.

NOTE:Before you use the Auto-Bend option to create bends, set the condition and default radius for the current file. Click Tools tab  Options panel  Application Options and on the Sketch tab clear or select Auto-bend with 3D line creation. To set the default Auto-Bend radius, clickTools tab  Options panel  Document Settings and on the Sketch tab enter the value in the Auto-Bend Radius box. Use the context menu to turn Auto-Bend on or off.

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