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Copying and Pasting Features

The copy and paste functionality enables you to quickly
duplicate a feature.
• Copy
– Select features or groups of
• Paste
– Pastes feature with same
reference types, dimension
scheme, and options as
– Select new references.
– Independent of original feature.

Copying and Pasting Features 2
Figure 2 – Sketch Placed on
the Cursor
Copying and Pasting Features

Copying and Pasting Features 1
Figure 1 – Copying and
Pasting a Hole

Copying and Pasting Features 3
Figure 3 – Copying and Pasting
an Extrude
Copy and paste enables you to quickly duplicate a feature or group of
features. Each copy and paste operation creates a single copy of the
selected feature(s). When the new feature is placed with paste, the primary
reference is cleared and the system awaits selection of a new reference.
However, depending on the feature type, the system maintains the reference
type, dimensioning scheme, and the same options as the original. The copied
feature is independent of the original.
In Figure 1, a hole is copied and pasted. Once the placement surface is
selected, you can place the new hole in a new location on the new placement
surface. Notice that the hole diameter and depth options are carried over
to the copy.
In the lower figures, an extrude feature is copied and pasted. You must
specify a new sketch and reference plane and enter Sketcher mode. The
system places the copied sketch on the cursor, as shown in Figure 2, and
you can drop it into location and edit dimensions appropriately. The copied
extrude feature maintains feature type, options, and depth.
You can also copy and paste rounds. When doing so, the round reference
types, size, and options are maintained. You must select new corresponding

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