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Controlling animation speed siemens NX

What is it?

You can now control the animation speed in machine tool simulations by changing the number of frames that appear in a simulation. You can make a simulation run slower by increasing the number of animation frames, and run faster by decreasing the number of animation frames.

The Minimum Simulation Time option in the Simulation Options dialog box sets the amount of machining time that is required for one frame to be generated. For example, to increase the number of frames generated, decrease the Minimum Simulation Time value. This makes the animation take longer to play.


You may need to edit your machine tool definition file to make the Minimum Simulation Time option available, when the Visualization list is set to Machine Code Simulate in the Animation group in the Simulation Control Panel dialog box.

For the provided example:


you would edit the corresponding machine tool definition file,


insert a number sign (#) to comment out the second line.

Where do I find it?




FileUtilitiesCustomer Defaults

Location in dialog box

ManufacturingSimulation & VisualizationISV Options tab→Simulation Display

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