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Continuous Auto Dimensioning siemens NX

Use the Continuous Auto Dimensioning command to automatically dimension sketch curves after each operation.

This command uses auto dimensioning rules to fully constrain the active sketch, including positioning dimensions to the parent Datum CSYS.

You can set auto dimensioning rules from the following:

  • Inferred Constraints and Dimensions

  • FileUtilitiesCustomer DefaultsSketch→Inferred Constraints and DimensionsDimensions

The Continuous Auto Dimensioning command creates the automatic dimension type of sketch dimension.

Automatic dimensions fully constrain a sketch. The dimensions are updated as you drag the sketch curves. They remove degrees of freedom from the sketch but do not lock the values permanently. If you add a constraint that conflicts with an automatic dimension, the automatic dimension is deleted. You can convert automatic dimensions into driving dimensions.

Why should I use it?

In Modeling, use this command to ensure you are always working with a fully constrained sketch which will be updated predictably.

In Drafting, use this command to automatically create dimensions for all the curves that you create in a drawing.

Where do I find it?

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