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Constraint Settings dialog box – Inference tab


Ribbon: Sketch tab  Constrain Panel  Constraint Settings: Inference tab 

 OptionsSketch tab: Constraint Settings: Inference tab

Infer Constraints selected and Persist Constraints deselected:

  • Constraints are not created automatically after you finish a sketch.
  • The Inference position is correct.

For example, when you draw a vertical line, the vertical icon displays besides your cursor to indicate that the line is vertical, and when you finish the drawing, the vertical constraint is not automatically created.

Persist Constraints selected:

  • Constraints are created automatically after you finish a sketch.
  • The constraint icon displays beside your cursor.


  • Persist Constraints is available only if Infer Constraints is selected. Persistence is automatically disabled when inference is disabled.
  • Coincident constraints at the end point of lines are always inferred and persist unless specifically disabled by clearing the Coincident option in Selection for Constraint Inference section. This behavior prevents the creation of open sketch profiles.
  • To prevent constraint inference while creating an object, hold down CTRL while sketching.

Constraint Inference Priority

Sets the preferred constraint type for automatic placement of constraints.

Parallel and perpendicular
Looks first for constraints that define relationships between geometry, and then looks at the coordinates of the sketch grid.


Horizontal and vertical
Looks first for constraints that define the orientation of sketch geometry in relationship to the sketch coordinates, and then looks for constraints between sketch geometry.


Selection for Constraint Inference

Selects the constraints to be inferred, and geometry to use.

NOTE: The status of the Infer Constraints option overrides the Selection for Constraint Inference. If Infer Constraints is not selected, all check boxes for Selection for Constraint Inference are unavailable.

Select All
Places a check mark in each active check box.

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