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Completing the Stove with Parametrics Autocad

At this point, the cabin is really starting to take shape with the numerous lines,
arcs, and polylines that you have drawn. There is, however, a significant disconnect between what you see and what AutoCAD sees while viewing the cabin. To you, it’s a cabin; you see how the stairs are spaced equally, how the wall intersections form perpendicular angles, and in general how objects relate to other objects within your drawing.
AutoCAD, on the other hand, sees nothing more than a collection of lines,
arcs, and polylines. It doesn’t know that walls should form 90˚ angles where they intersect or that the two lines representing door openings should be parallel and spaced a certain distance apart. Currently, every object inside your drawing is independent from the other objects in your drawing

Parametric drawing offers a solution to this disconnect; it allows you to assign
both geometric and dimensional constraints to the objects inside your drawing.
Whereas dimensional constraints must be applied manually, geometric
constraints may be applied manually, automatically, or inferred while drawing.
Using the dimensions shown in Figure 5.44, you’ll have the chance to explore
each of these methods as you use parametrics to complete the stove.

Completing the Stove with Parametrics
F igu re 5 . 4 4 : The details of the stove

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