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Comparison of rendering modes gibbscam

Simulation is very different than the traditional GibbsCAM rendering (“CPR”) and is not the same as Flash CPR. Flash CPR is fairly similar to the traditional rendering except for the actual image in that it uses the same part-centric toolpath display as traditional rendering. Simulation rendering in Part Mode (see Run Mode) displays the inter-operation moves that CPR and Flash CPR do not show. Simulation in Machine Mode can include an actual machine model. ToolSim, which shows the tool movement across a model without rendering material removal, is very useful and not found in Flash CPR.


While Flash CPR and Simulation may appear similar, their uses are different. A key difference is the Simulation capability to display the inter-operation moves of a tool. Flash CPR may be faster than Simulation as it does not have to render an entire machine model and the moving axes. You may find that when checking your part file you use several or all of the rendering types (standard CPR, Flash CPR and Machine Simulation), depending on your needs.


Simulation, in any mode, will show all of the part instances in a TMS multi-part setup where standard CPR and Flash CPR only show the single part as programmed in the VNC file.


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