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CNC Rotary Device Programing


cnc device rotary programming
cnc device rotary programming

In this video we focus on:

  •   Introduction
  •  Indexers versus rotary axes
  •  Programming indexers
  •  Programming rotary axes
  •  Example program

Now let’s move the first one, Indexers versus rotary axes

  • Indexers:
  • used to expose surfaces for machining
  • uncontrollable rotation rate
  • Rotary axes
  • Can be used as indexers
  • Controllable rotation rate
  • Machining during rotation is possible

Now then we move to the next part of this video : Programming indexers

–          Types of indexers: 90-45 degree, 5 degree, 1 degree

Then move to programing A Rotary axes:

–          Commonalities with any linear axis:

+ Letter address designation

+ Polarity

+ Zero return Position

+ Program zero designation

+ Absolute versus incremental

–          Major difference: not possible toover travel

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