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CNC Lathe Machine Configuration


CNC machine configuration
CNC machine configuration

Through basic machining practice is beyond the scope you should understand:

–          Machining operations

–          Processing

–          Cutting condition

–          Working hold setup

–          Blue printing reading, dimensioning

About Machine configuration

There are many forms of CNC turning centers such as:

+ Universal slant bed

+ Chucker slant bed

+ Twins spindle horizontal

+ Single spindle vertical

+ Milling/ turn machine

In all case X will be the diameter controlling axis and Z will be the length controlling axis

Because universal slant bed turning is the most popular turning center style , examples in this course stress this machine type , and universal slant bed turning center can perform all types of turning center can perform all types of turning applications: chucker work, shaft work, bar work,.

All turning center have certain programmable features:

–          Turret index

–          Spindle activation

–          Feed rate

–          Coolant

And some turning center has additional programmable features such as: jaw open/close, tailstock, positioning, door open and close

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