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CLSF Manager siemens NX

The CLSF (cutter location source file) Manager allows you to manipulate and display the indivitual tool pathes and/or the entire CSLF by using the options below. A tool path contains GOTO points and other tool path descriptive data (e.g., MCS location, tool parameters, and display settings). Each tool path is associated with and generated from a named operation (P1, P2, etc.).

To display the CLSF Manager dialog, select Tools>CLSF from the main menu bar. The system will then display the CLSF Specification dialog box from which you must choose the CLSF you wish to manage. Once you have specified the CLSF and selected OK, the CLSF Manager dialog box displays.


If the appropriate environment variable/logical or link has been defined, user exit USER_CLS_OPEN is executed at this time. For more information on user exits, refer to the NX Open API and NX Open GRIP Online Help.

CLSF Manager Dialog Options

Filter Methods


Determines which tool paths are displayed by name or tool

By Name

Lists the names of tool paths by entering the full or partial tool path name

By Tool

Lists the names of tool paths by entering the name of the tool used for that path

Select All

Selects every tool path currently displayed in the list


Removes a tool path from the list


Reinserts a tool path back into the list that you removed using Cut


Permanently removes a tool path from the CLSF

Tool Path Actions


Temporarily erases a tool path from the display


Restores the temporarily erased tool path to the display


Displays the selected tool path


Displays the currently selected tool path in text form

CLSF Actions


Imports all the information in the CLSF into internal tool paths of the operations in the part. If an operation corresponding to the tool path does not exist a Machine Control Operation is created and the tool path is imported into it. All the operations will be grouped under a PROGRAM Group which will be named the same as the CLSF.


Renumbers the CLSF file


Preselects a tool for the next tool path, suppresss duplicate tool change commands in consecutive tool paths, removes postprocessor commands which are generated (or inserted) at the end of each tool path, verifies that tool paths which use a different tool than the previous tool path contain a tool change command


Performs text editing operations on the current Cutter Location Source File


Determines how the output file is formatted


Presents a graphical representation of all available tool paths in the CLSF


Displays the CLSF in text form


Saves the CLSF

Save As

Allows you to rename and save the CLSF

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