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Centerline Drilling siemens NX

Use Centerline Drilling to perform drilling operations with a non-rotating tool on the lathe spindle centerline with the workpiece rotating.

The centerline drill operation supports two different types of cycles:

  • Controller (canned) machine cycles — The system outputs one cycle event containing all cycle parameters and a single GOTO statement representing the start position of your NC machine-specific drilling cycle.

  • Simulated machine cycles — The turning processors compute a centerline drilling tool path. The system outputs a series of GOTO statements and no CYCLE event.

Accessing Centerline Drilling

To access the Centerline Drilling dialog:

  • Select the Create Operation icon or

  • select InsertOperation from the main menu bar or

  • MB3 on the geometry (geometry view in the Operation Navigator) for which you want to create an operation and choose InsertOperation


  1. Select Turning from the available templates in the Create Operation dialog.

  2. Select from the following centerline drilling operations


  1. Enter the desired program, geometry, tool, method and name of operation.


  • Double-click on an existing centerline drilling operation in the Operation Navigator.

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