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Catia v5 – Part Design & Sketcher

catia V5

Part Design & Sketcher

CATIA Version 5 uses the Sketcher workbench as its principal method to create profiles. These profiles can be constrained using many different types of constraints. The first objective of the course is to learn to use the Sketcher and constrain your profiles to the desired specifications. If you have used the Dynamic Sketcher from CATIA Version 4, this will look very similar. Otherwise it is a new environment and it can be frustrating at first, especially if you already know CATIA Version 4. However, in time you will find that it is a very powerful method for creating profiles, and is easy to use. The second objective of the course is to use these sketches in part design. The sketches are used to define the two-dimensional cross-sections to be used to design three-dimensional shapes. There are a few different shapes that can be made as well as various operations that can be performed on them. By combining these shapes and operations, you can design a variety of parts. The third objective of the course is to familiarize you with the advanced methods of creating sketches and parts. This includes using construction geometry and projecting three dimensional geometry to the sketch plane. This will include the use of formulas to set up typical values at multiple locations as well as more complex formulas to provide a more dynamic sketch. In terms of part design, you will learn how to use multiple parts and perform boolean operations on them



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