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Calculating Machine Times siemens NX

The synchronization manager shows you the time each machine event begins in the channel list. Generally, the start time of the next event is the end time of the previous event, with the exception of synchronization events. The system does not automatically recalculate machine times when you make program changes, as this could be time-consuming in very large programs. When you are ready to recalculate machine times, select the Calculate Machine Times icon . Each time you begin simulating the program, the system automatically recalculates all machine times for you. The system does nothing if machining times are up-to-date.

Operation and event duration

When you point to an operation in the Synchronization Event view, or to an event in the Tool Path Event view, the tool tip displays the duration for the operation or event.


If the column does not show the complete operation or event name, the tool tip displays the complete name instead of the duration.

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