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Exploring the Drafting & Annotation Workspace

As the default UI configuration for AutoCAD, the Drafting & Annotation workspace shown previously in Figure 1.3 serves as the primary workspace throughout this book. Having a good understanding of this workspace is imperative as you perform the exercises in the coming chapters. To ensure your success with those exercises, I’ll start by breaking …

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Introducing Workspaces

Our tour of the user interface has so far been limited to the New Tab that displays after starting AutoCAD. Opening or creating a drawing will dismiss the NewTab interface and load a vast assortment of tools in addition to the drawing you selected. To load this interface, click the Start Drawing …

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Workspace gibbscam

The drawing area will fill the entire size of the current main window. You can increase the window by going to any border with your mouse, when a double arrow appears either pull to lengthen and /or broaden the window or push in to decrease the window size. All drawing …

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