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By Object command in cimatron

Divide one or more open or closed objects (also faces) by using face(s), a plane, or object(s) as a dividing entity.


  • If you want to divide a solid or face using a contour as the cutting tool, use the function Divide by Contour.
  • To divide faces of open or closed objects, use the Faces > Split function.
  • To divide contours, use the Curves > Split function.
  • If the resulting object(s) contain more than one lump, the object will be separated into a number of lumps.


General Interaction

The following is the Feature Guide for Divide > By Object.phg6

Remember: You can open the Feature Guide at any time on the graphic display area by right-clicking.

Required Step 1phg7 : Pick one or more open or closed objects (including individual faces) to be divided.

Required Step 2 phg7: Pick a plane, face(s) or open / closed object(s) as the dividing entity.

  • One object can be used to divide multiple objects, or multiple objects can be used to divide one object.
  • Face(s) can only be used to divide one solid.


Creating a Divide – Detailed Interaction of All Options

  • Divide Object(s) by a Plane
  • Divide Open Object
  • Divide One Object by Multiple Objects
  • Divide One Face by Multiple Objects
  • Divide Multiple Objects by One Object
  • Divide Multiple Faces by One Object
  • Divide One Object by Multiple Faces
  • Divide One Object by One Face
  • Divide One Object by Faces of an Object

See Divide > By Object: Parameters for an explanation of the parameters used in this function.

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