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Build The Machine Tool Assembly gibbscam

Start Build Machine, which is found in the Plug-Ins menu. When first run in a file the assembly tree contains only a Root entry.



The Setup button opens the Machine Parameters dialog (see Setup dialog box) which lets you define Machine Parameters including the spindle origin and the tool change position.


The various components that define a machine will have to be added to the root of the assembly by selecting a solid and clicking the Add button. Once Add has been clicked the Add Component dialog opens (see Add Component dialog box), which provides you with the capability to define what the body represents and any movement associated with the component. Right clicking an entry in the tree lets you edit a component once the parameters have been set.


Example of starting an assembly tree


The Remove button will delete a selected component from the assembly tree.


The Test button opens a window that lets you view the assembly and test the machine’s moving parts to ensure the proper motion.


The Save button can be clicked once you have defined your machine tool assembly. This opens a dialog prompting you to select a directory for saving the file.Build Machine Interface

The Build Machine option allows you to create a model of a machine tool. Each component (the base of the machine, the table, etc.) is defined as a solid model and added to the Build Machine dialog. As the components are defined the Build Machine dialog will create a tree that defines the machine tool and its parts. When ready to be saved, the model’s moving parts can be tested. Once complete, the model will be available for Machine Simulation.


The Build Machine window in its initial state and with components added.

In addition to the Build Machine window, there are several other windows and dialog boxes that are used to define a machine. These are all accessed from the Build Machine window and are described in the following sections. These include the Setup dialog box, the Add Component dialog box, and the Test Machine dialog box.

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