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beginner’s guide SolidWork 2013- Level 1

2013 solid work level 1

There are times when we need to design components that cannot be easily defined by prismatic shapes. For those features that have ‘curvy’ shapes we can use Sweep and Loft features, which let us create almost any shape we can think of. These are the features that allow us to design consumer products, which, more often than not, have to be attractive and appealing, making extensive use of curvature and organic shapes. These products include things like your remote control, a computer mouse, coffee maker, perfume bottles, telephones, etc., and many times the success or failure of these products in the market can be directly attributed to their appearance. They have to look nice, ‘feel’ right, and of course perform the task that they were intended for. Sweeps and Lofts are also prevalent in the automotive and aerospace industry where cosmetics, aerodynamics and ergonomics are a very important part of the design process. Sweeps and Lofts have many different options that allow us to create from simple to extremely complex shapes. In light of the vast number of variations and possibilities for these features, we’ll keep these examples as simple as possible without sacrificing functionality, to give the reader a good idea as to what can be achieved.

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