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Create work axis (legacy method)

Prior to the introduction of Direct Manipulation modeling techniques in Inventor R2011, the Axis command was the only method available to create work axes. This legacy method was, and still can be, used with one of the methods described below: NOTE:You can resize a work axis by clicking a grip …

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Create work plane through axis

 In an assembly file, click 3D Model tab  Work Features panel  Plane Select a PLANE and a LINE. NOTE:The selection order does not matter. The PLANE and LINE must be parallel to each other. The PLANE can be a: Planar face in the graphics window Work plane in the graphics window or browser …

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Create work plane

On the ribbon, click 3D Model tab  Work Features panel  Plane . Select appropriate vertices, edges, or faces to define a work plane. For offset work planes, drag the work plane to the appropriate location and enter a distance or angle in the Offset edit box. Click the check mark in the edit box …

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Work planes

Work features are abstract construction geometry used when geometry is insufficient for creating and positioning new features. To fix position and shape, constrain features to work features. On the ribbon, use the 3D Model tab  Work Features panel  Plane command to define a work plane using feature vertices , edges , faces , or other work features. Except in an assembly, you …

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Set visibility of work feature

To set visibility using the context menu You can turn visibility on or off for any of these selected features using an option on the context menu. In the browser or the graphics window, select one or more work features, sketches, or surfaces. Right-click and select Visibility. Clear the check …

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Project work feature into sketch

Work features cannot be created or edited in a sketch, but you can use the Project command on the Sketch tab to project them to a sketch. Create work features as needed. To create a sketch, click the 2D Sketch command, and then click a plane or face to set …

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