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Autodesk Inventor Fusion – Getting Started 2009


What is new in TP2?

  • Loft
  • Face draft
  • Improved move triad reorient
  • Selective feature recognition
  • Chamfer feature recognition
  • Change feature recognition type
  • Dissolve features
  • Fillet corner options
  • Split bodies and general split improvements
  • Pattern occurrence suppression
  • Measure
  • Copy and paste topology across faces and components
  • Snap bar improvements
  • Improved feature Boolean logic 1 1
  • Press/pull workflow improvements
  • Improved look at behavior when working with sketches and sketch based features
  • Improved sweep path behavior
  • Sweep along spline


  • Polygon
  • Ellipse
  • Project existing sketch curves into new sketches
  • Trim/extend spline and ellipse
  • Copy and paste sketch geometry


  • New assemble command
  • Change constraints to move the first selection rather than treat it as grounded
  • Add ground component to browser menu
  • Constrain to work geometry
  • Constraint folder in the browser
  • Cycle constraint highlight on hover in browser
  • Copy and paste components across documents
  • Paste as new
  • Make occurrence independent from others
  • Component paste allows for placement in 3D graphics
  • Improve center constraint usability
  • Add direction flip for constraints in graphics




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