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Autodesk Inventor 2013

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In Autodesk Inventor, the parametric part modeling process involves the following steps:
1. Create a rough two-dimensional sketch of the basic shape of the base feature
of the design.
2. Apply/modify constraints and dimensions to the two-dimensional sketch.
3. Extrude, revolve, or sweep the parametric two-dimensional sketch to create
the base solid feature of the design.
4. Add additional parametric features by identifying feature relations and
complete the design.
5. Perform analyses on the computer model and refine the design as needed.
6. Create the desired drawing views to document the design.

  • Create Simple Extruded Solid Models
  • Understand the Basic Parametric

 Modeling Procedure

  •  Create 2-D Sketches
  • Understand the “Shape before Size”

Design Approach

  • Use the Dynamic Viewing Commands
  • Create and Edit Parametric Dimensions





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