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AutoCAD LT Users

The AutoCAD LT Ribbon does not include tools for creating geometric or dimensional constraints because parametric drawing is one of the features found only in the full version of AutoCAD. Because AutoCAD LT users will not be able to complete the next several exercises on parametric drawing, substitute the following exercise to complete the stove:

AutoCAD LT Users 1
1. Make sure I05-12-Refrigerator.dwg (M05-12-Refrigerator
.dwg) is open.
2. Start the INSERT command by using the Insert button found on the
Insert tab ➢ Block panel. The Insert dialog box appears.
3. Click the Browse button to browse to and select the file I05-
StoveInsert.dwg (M05-StoveInsert.dwg) found inside the
Chapter 5 data folder, and click Open.
If you haven’t done so already, you can download this file from this
book’s web page at www.sybex.com/go/autocad2015ner or
4. You are taken back to the Insert dialog box. Before clicking OK, select the
Specify On-Screen check box under Insertion Point and the Explode check
box in the lower-left corner.
The Insert dialog should look similar to the following graphic.

AutoCAD LT Users 2
5. Use the Endpoint osnap to select the lower-back corner of the stove.
The stove is completed as the remaining geometry is inserted into the drawing.
6. Save your file as I05-16-CompleteStove.dwg (M05-16-
Proceed to the “Drawing the Kitchen Sink” exercise later in this chapter

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