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Assigning Linetypes to Layers

When you assign a color to a layer, you can choose any color supported by your system. This is not so with linetypes. Each new drawing has only two linetypes loaded into it by default (the Continuous and Phantom2 linetypes). You must load any other linetypes you need from an outside file:
1. If it’s not open already, open I06-01-CreateLayers.dwg (M06-01-
CreateLayers.dwg) by clicking the Open button located on the Quick
Access toolbar.
2. In the Layer Properties Manager, click Continuous in the column
for the A-ROOF layer to open the Select Linetype dialog box (see

Figure 6.13). In the Loaded Linetypes list, only Continuous appears.
No other linetypes have been loaded into this drawing.

Assigning Linetypes to Layers 1
F igu re 6 . 1 3 : The Select Linetype dialog box
3. Click Load to open the Load Or Reload Linetypes dialog box.
4. Scroll down the list to the Dashed, Dashed2, and DashedX2 linetypes
(see Figure 6.14). Notice how, in this family, the dashed lines are different
sizes. Dashed linetype family

Assigning Linetypes to Layers 2
F igu re 6 . 1 4 : The list of available linetypes scrolled to the three Dashed
5. Click DASHED in the left column and then click OK. You’re returned
to the Select Linetype dialog box. The Dashed linetype has been
added to the Linetype list under Continuous (see Figure 6.15)

Assigning Linetypes to Layers 3

F igu re 6 . 1 5 : The Select Linetype dialog box with the Dashed linetype
6. Click DASHED to highlight it, and then click OK. In the Layer
Properties Manager, the A-ROOF layer has been assigned the Dashed
linetype (see Figure 6.16).

Assigning Linetypes to Layers 4
F igu re 6 . 1 6 : The Layer Properties Manager with the A-ROOF layer assigned
the Dashed linetype
7. Save your drawing as I06-02-AssigningLinetypes.dwg (M06-02-
AssigningLinetypes.dwg) by choosing Application menu ➢ Save
As ➢ AutoCAD Drawing.

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