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Artcam Tutorial

Generating a Relief artcampro

A Relief is the ArtCAM 3D model created either from vectors, bitmaps, imported CAD surface models or existing stored Reliefs. One set of options operates by building a Relief from one or more closed vectors using the Shape Editor. Double clicking on the selected vector/s or pressing the F12 shortcut …

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Vector Editing artcampro

The following chapter runs the user through several Vector editing options. Shield Design Example Create a new model with a Height of 20 and width of 20 and a resolution of 1002 x 1002. Set the origin to the middle and press OK. Note: The origin position can be moved …

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ArtCAM Pro Training Course

Important Notice This document is supplied as part of a Delcam Training Course. It is not intended to be distance-learning material: rather as an aid for Tutors when presenting material to course delegates and as a subsequent aid memoir to those delegates. Delcam does not accept responsibility for any personal …

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