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ArtCAM Express 2011 Getting Started




ArtCAM Express is an entry-level 3D machining solution for professional CNC engravers and router users. Designs can be created using the comprehensive vector and bitmap drawing tools, its vector and relief clipart libraries, or imported from other graphics packages. ArtCAM Express handles complex designs with ease and provides flexible machining strategies that are fast, accurate and most importantly, very reliable. Realistic 3D toolpath simulations can be used to verify all toolpaths, and picture the end product, before sending them to the CNC machine

The stages covered by this tutorial are:

  • Preparing the model (see page 9).
  • Creating the offset vectors (see page 10).
  • Grouping the offset vectors (see page 13).
  • Creating additional vector text (see page 16).
  • Repositioning the vector text (see page 16).
  • Clearing the area around the text (see page 18).
  • Carving the text (see page 22).
  • Cutting out the sign (see page 24).
  • Saving the toolpaths (see page 26). At the end of this tutorial, you will have created all of the toolpath files needed to machine the Saw Mill sign using ArtCAM Express.





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