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Analyzing Skirt Surface Options: Extend Curves

The Extend Curves option provides a further level of control that enables you to exclude curves from being extended during skirt surface creation.
• By default, all selected curves are included.
• The Extend Curves option enables you to exclude curve segments.

Analyzing Skirt Surface 2
Figure 2 – Curve Segments Excluded

Analyzing Skirt Surface 1
Figure 1 – Default Skirt Surface

Analyzing Skirt Surface 3
Figure 3 – Additional Curve
Analyzing Skirt Surface Options: Extend Curves Segment Excluded
By default, all curves selected for the skirt surface are extended either inward or outward to create the surface. The Extend Curves option provides a further level of control to exclude curves from being extended.
The Extend Curves tab in the Extension Control dialog box contains two columns:
• Include Curve – Specifies which curve segments are extended in the skirt surface.
• Exclude Curve – Specifies which curve segments are not extended in the skirt surface.
Every curve specified for the skirt surface is broken up into segments.
Each segment is displayed in the Extend Curves tab. By default, all curve segments are located in the Include Curve column of the tab, meaning that they are all extended. You can exclude curve segments from being extended by moving them over to the Exclude Curve column of the tab. When you place the cursor over a given curve segment it highlights in the graphics window so you can determine where it is located in the reference model.

When creating a skirt surface, you can either select an entire silhouette curve and then exclude curve segments as desired, or you can simply
select the desired curves one by one for the skirt surface definition. Either way, you achieve the same resultant skirt surface. The method you use is determined by what is most efficient. For example, if there are 20 segments in a silhouette curve and you need 18 of them for the skirt surface, it would be most efficient to select the entire silhouette curve and then exclude the two unneeded curve segments. Conversely, if you only need 2 of the 20 curve segments, it would be more efficient to individually select the two desired curves, rather than selecting the entire curve and then excluding the unneeded 18 curve segments.

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