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Alternate methods using Knowledge Fusion siemens NX

Feature-based machining can be accomplished by different methods:

  • Knowledge Fusion (KF) based

    Feature groups come first, then processes. Classification criteria is defined within the feature subtypes.

    Holemaking and Holemilling use multiple specialized feature template subtypes, such as SIMPLE_HOLE, that each contain machining knowledge, classification criteria, and so on, that are specific to the individual feature type.

  • Knowledge library based

    Process definitions come first, then like processes are grouped together. The library has some limited use of knowledge fusion, and the assigning of parent groups (Geometry, Method, Tool, Program) is identical.

    The standard machining knowledge process uses a single generic feature template subtype PROCESS_FEATURES. Since the template is not specialized for any specific feature types, it does not contain machining knowledge. Instead, machining knowledge is stored in the machining knowledge library and classification criteria, machining rules, etc. are added during the Create Geometry process. Process creation depends on your machining knowledge. The Knowledge library based approach is similar to using the all_features template with the KF-based approach in that it does not use different operation-based templates.

  • Knowledge library integrated with KF

    You define how much to rely on KF in the machining knowledge.

    For example: You can have a tool query in a KF enabled operation, and rules for alternate tools defined in the knowledge library. The software creates the operation with the default template tools, and then recommends alternate tools based on the library rules.


    You can achieve the same end results with the knowledge library whether or not it is integrated with KF.

For more information on the template subtypes, see Feature Subtype Tables

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