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Align in delcam shoe

Use this tab to define the alignment points on the last.


  1. Select the From point on the last
  2. Select the To point on the last.

Using three pairs of points to align

  1. Click Start.
  2. Select three pairs of points. Each pai of points must consist of one point on the source wireframe and one reference point.
  3. Click to Cancel.

Transform Object

Use the options on this tab to adjust the position, size and alignment of the stencil.


  1. Select one of the following options:
    • Move
    • Rotate
    • Scale
  2. Use the following options as required:
    • Adjust the position and size using Length, Height and Width sliders.
    • Move the item away from the last using the Offset slider.
    • Mirror the wireframe:

Mirror the wireframe horizontally.

Mirror the wireframe vertically.

  • Specify the scaling mode:
  • To scale in all directions, click to change the scaling mode to Scale in all directions.

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