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Air Conditioning/Handling Units Revit mep

The heart of the mechanical air system, air conditioning/handling units, can start life as generic “boxes” with intake and exhaust. Although basic in construction and with no manufacturer data attached, generic ACs/AHUs can have the same number of parameters as more-detailed families. Similar in dimension and performance, the concept box can be swapped out during the
detail design period for a more detailed manufacturer or “construction-issue” family, or even for a set of families if the AC/AHU unit has been constructed from its manufacturer’s component parts (see Figure 10.4).

Figure 10.4
Basic AHU and
type parameters
The majority of ACs/AHUs are generally placed on the level where they are inserted, with no offset. This placement can depend on whether the unit is mounted on rails and whether those rails are part of the AC/AHU family (see Figure 10.5)


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