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Adding pipe, punch or lace symbols to a library

Use the following steps to add pipe, punch or lace symbols to the appropriate library

  1. Select the appropriate button (Pipe, Punch or Lace) from the main toolbar.
    • When creating a symbol in pipe or lace mode, only one item can be selected at a time.

It is possible to select multiple items when creating a symbol for a punch library.

  1. Click zx3to display a new model where you can create the new item as a symbol. The Advanced Tools toolbar is also displayed.
  2. Use the options on the Advanced Tools toolbar to create the item.
  3. Click zx4to display the Define symbol dialog.zx5
  4. Enter the Name of symbol.
  5. Enter a Description.
  6. Enter a pin by clicking a position on the symbol. Enter additional pins as required. If you enter the wrong position for a pin, click the pin mark to remove it.

Pins are

  • positions on the symbol definition. A symbol definition must have at least one pin.
  • used to position the symbol and are key points. It is not possible to accurately snap onto a symbol where no pin exists, so extra pins should be created where other objects are most likely to connect with the symbol.
  1. Click Apply to save the symbol and continue creating symbols.

Click OK to save the symbol and return to library. The symbol is added to the library

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