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A complete solution for turning programming siemens NX

The need to manufacture turned parts is common to key industries such as machinery, aerospace, automotive, and other industrial product suppliers. As with most areas of the manufacturing market, the machinery used for turning has undergone rapid changes due to technological progress and the necessity to improve productivity. New turning equipment has increased tremendously with respect to automation, effectiveness, and its universal application in conjunction with milling and drilling disciplines.

The Turning module utilizes the Operation Navigator to manage operations and parameters. They enable you to create roughing, finishing, teachmode, centerline drilling, and threading operations. Parameters such as spindle definition, workpiece geometry, machining methods, and tools are specified as groups with parameters shared among operations. Other parameters are defined within the individual operations. As the workpiece progresses through the program, In Process Workpiece tracking computes and graphically displays the total remaining material to be removed. The Turning module allows you to graphically display the In Process Workpiece after each operation generated. The In Process Workpiece is defined by the total material removed for all operations in sequence up to the currently selected operation.

Because the sequence of operations is important, it is best to select the operation in the Program Order view of the Operation Navigator. If operations are reordered, the system recalculates the In Process Workpiece for you, where necessary.

Benefits of the Turning Module

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